What is Give&TakeCare?

Give&TakeCare – An innovative scheme to improve care for older adults in the UK

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Give&TakeCare (G&TC) project started in February 2016, as an ambitious, innovative idea to improve how we as a society, care for older people across the UK. The aim is to improve the quality of care for older adults, and in turn, improve the prospects of care for future generations when they too become elderly. Our scheme is of mutual exchange; ‘support provided by me now, in return for support for me later’.

We aim to create more person-centred care for the elderly, that will reduce loneliness, and build community support networks while also helping NHS expenditure, by mobilising society at large to work together to help solve the current care crisis.  This is highlighted more by the fact that 46% of the Adult Social Care budget in 2013/14 was spent on people over 65’s.

How will we do this?

We are currently working with existing age-related charities to encourage individuals, to help care for older adults in their communities. The scheme provides a ‘care pension’ account, logging the hours of care you give to others, for you to access the same hours of care later in your life.

Once you have registered as a partner, you will be able to support fellow citizens in their time of need and also make provisions for your own future needs.

Our scheme aims to foster inter-generational care and make old age an enjoyable experience for all. These are values we are passionate about and consider important for living a meaningful and happy life.

Do not fear we are not replacing the good work of charities. We will work with charities to offer the G&TC care pension scheme to their members. We are campaigning for more people to become members of our associate charities and sign up to a care pension. G&TC supports charities financially and aim to motivate more people to become charity’s members and society at large.

If you would like to know more about Give&TakeCare please make contact.

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