What is Give&TakeCare?

An innovative scheme to improve care for older adults in the UK

Give&TakeCare (G&TC) is a Social Enterprise project set up in February 2016, by Prof. Heinz Wolff and Dr. Gabriella Spinelli. It is a disruptive, innovative plan to improve how we as a society, care for older adults across the UK. G&TC will improve the quantity of care for older adults, and in turn, improve the prospects of care for future generations when they too become elderly. Give&TakeCare is a scheme of mutual exchange; ‘support provided by me now, in return for support for me later’.

We are working with age-related charities to stimulate volunteering for older adults across the UK and offer the Give&TakeCare ‘care pension’ scheme to charity volunteers. CareGivers can log the hours of care (GAT) they give to others. The individual care pension account records and safeguards the hours of care provided, for them to access the same hours of care later in their life when they need support.

Give&TakeCare will generate a small income to sustain the model and ensure its availability into the future. We will redistribute a large proportion of the revenue raised back to our associate charities, thereby supporting them in the brilliant work they do. Our income stream is to benefit the community and will not be used to profit any individuals. We are committed to the values of Social Enterprise, hence our organisation status as a Community Interest Company.

Give&TakeCare is not replacing the good work of charities. We are working with charities to offer the Give&TakeCare care pension scheme service to their members, and to Family carers. We are campaigning for more people to become members of our associate charities and then sign up with us to reap the benefits of building a care pension.

If you would like to know more about Give&TakeCare please make contact.