Team Members

Prof Heinz WolffProf Heinz Wolff

Prof Heinz Wolff: Heinz conceived the idea of reciprocal care that underpins Give&Take Care. He is also the founder of the CIC. Heinz is an inventor, a scientist, and entrepreneur, a practical joker and an extremely caring person. He has spent his professional life working for the Medical Council, The European Space Agency, the BBC, Brunel University London and many other prestigious organisations.

At the age of 88 he is as active as ever and comes to the office everyday. The only allowances for his age are a red electric scooter that wheezes him from the bus stop to the office and a sofa in his office where sometimes he takes an afternoon nap. Spoonerism is one of his amusements. Heinz is the founder and one of the five directors of the G&TC-CIC.

Dr Gabriella Spinelli

Dr Gabriella Spinelli is a Reader in Design Innovation at Brunel University, specialising in design for ageing. Her passion is to help shape society such that people have a graceful and full life well into old age. A fortunate meeting between Prof Wolff and Dr Spinelli led them to partner as Directors of G&TC. Since then they have been busy building and leading the project together, and they’ve not looked back. Intelligent, hard-working, committed and with a sharp wit to boot, Gabriella is a strong leader for the G&TC team. When not Directing the project she continues to be involved with the work of the Design department at Brunel University London. Gabriella is passionate about caring for animals, veganism, art, music and staying healthy. She is a very snappy dresser – but don’t ask where she got any of her garbs from as they’ll only be from the best Italian tailors and you’ll never find one as stylish, damn it!


Aimee, our Project Manager is a determined and highly resilient individual with plenty of drive and enthusiasm. She is a confident communicator and interacts very well with colleagues and partners alike; a good team player, who motivates others. In her spare time, she likes to explore wellbeing issues and promotes healthy living among the team. She is our Green Goddess!

anna profileAnna

Anna is our fantastic Project Administrator. She has solved many of the team’s challenges since she joined G&TC and is an asset to the team. Passionate for all things healthy, when Anna is not running a tight ship with the admin, she can be found rocking some lean surfer poses on her balancing board. Anna has a keen interest in art and always knows when there’s a good exhibition to catch in London.


Edward is the software architect at Give&TakeCare. With a broad understanding of many programming languages that he uses to create both beautiful and reliable piece of software. While also having years of experience and insight into the inner workings of the modern IT world, which he helps others better understand and enjoy, Edward is also passionate about cars and talks about them on a daily basis.


Christopher is responsible for all things Internet related at Give&Take Care. His knowledge of the various Internet protocols and services is always up to date and given half a chance he’d happily explain the winners and losers in the HTML 5 vs Flash vs Silverlight battle! When not building wireframe HTML models he enjoys browsing the latest Android Smart Phones (please just get an iPhone) on the market. Being the youngest member of the team, Christopher also keeps us on our toes via Social media.

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