What are Partners

G&TC is made up of CareGivers, and CareReceivers; Both of which are called Partners.

There are two types of Partner arrangements: befriending care and family care.

Befriending care arrangements are where CareGivers and CareReceivers register for the scheme and are matched together to begin exchanging GATs.

Family care arrangements are for people already giving care to a loved one in their family; they can register for the scheme and bank some of their care hours.


People who receive care from a CareGiver, who have registered with an associate charity and enrolled on the G&TC scheme. A CareReceiver could be someone receiving befriending support from a volunteer via the scheme in the local community, or someone receiving informal support from a family member.

CareReceivers must be aged 60+.

CareReceivers who register to receive befriending from a G&TC CareGiver will be asked what type of befriending support they need and when. They will be assessed for suitability by the Locality Manager (which will involve a home visit), and then introduced to a suitable CareGiver by the Locality Manager.


People who provide support for an older person and have registered with an associate charity and enrolled on the G&TC scheme. CareGivers are those who offer volunteer befriending support to people in the local community, or those who already give care to a family member. Both volunteer befrienders and family carers can join as CareGivers on the scheme and start to build up a Care Savings Account.

Volunteer befriending CareGivers must be 18+.

A volunteer befriending CareGivers will state what skills they can offer and when. They will then be introduced to a suitable CareReceiver by the Locality Manager.

All volunteer befriending CareGivers will be DBS vetted and assessed before they can start giving care. They will also receive Adult Safeguarding training within 6 months of joining the scheme.