How will Give&TakeCare work?

Giving and Receiving

The scheme will consist of those who give care to others, CareGivers, and older adults in receipt of care, CareReceivers. Both are referred to as Partners under the scheme, as distinct from the term ‘member’, the term for volunteers registered with the charity.

We are currently in stage 1 of our project which is targeted at charity befriending members and Family carers.

The hours of care, are referred to as GATs. 1 hour = 1 GAT.

In order to run the IT recording system for all Partners across the UK, there will be an administration fee of £1 applied to every GAT processed. The admin fee is not a payment for a care service in any commercial sense, it is simply a very modest admin fee to enable Give&TakeCare to fund and sustain the IT database (logging GATs), administer the scheme and redistribute some funds back to the charities. The £1 is to be paid for by the CareReceiver. The admin fee is collected once a month by Direct Debit.

In every area we operate, we will work with the charity to recruit a Locality Manager. G&TC will subsidise the Locality Manager’s salary for the first year whilst the scheme is gaining ground. The Locality Manager will be based at the charity office, therefore being a presence within the community they serve. The Locality Manager will complete forms with all Partners to register them and assist with DBS checks. The Locality Manager will match people by skills/needs, availability and proximity. Matching people who live nearby to each other will foster better community connections.

Each Locality Manager will have a team of assistants, to support their work and step in when they are not available. The locality assistants will be a charity members and G&TC partner who will receive GATs to support the locality.

Partners will be given each others’ phone numbers so they can arrange an introduction meeting between them. If they wish to proceed, they will agree on the arrangement between them. For example, Mr Bloggs will make Mrs Miggin’s breakfast every Tuesday from 10am – 11pm. The Locality Manager will record these arrangements on the G&TC database. G&TC Head Quarter’s team will send all Partner arrangements and appropriate bank details to our East of England Co-operative partner, who will process the admin fees on a monthly basis.

Stage 1 of the project is for those who offer befriending support to older adults and existing Family carers.

Stage 2 will commence in the future when we will work with CQC registered charities to incorporate personal care into the scheme. We will also provide training for people to become qualified in personal care. This will enable individuals to give better quality care to others and increase their skills.

If you would like to know more about Give&TakeCare please make contact.